Sunday, February 1, 2015

NDNorth: Our Christmas

Throughout December we had packages arriving at our apartment in Inner Mongolia weekly. Each trip we took to the orphanage where our New Day North project is located, we would carry a load of gifts and stash them in our storage room. By the time it came to celebrate Christmas (in the middle of January), we had quite a pile of gifts for the kids!

We split our Christmas celebration up between three days. Each of the children received packages from 1-3 different people, and so there were plenty of gifts to spread around. Luke was the first one to open up gifts, and he figured things out pretty quickly. Kristiana, Stephanie and Emerson looked on and by the time it was their turn to open up some gifts, they were more than ready!

Kristiana needed some help, but she was able to rip open most of her packages all by herself!

Stephanie learned quickly what gifts are. She could have opened up presents all day!

Rina and Evangeline didn't quite know what to think, but they enjoyed all of the excitement. 

What about you, Freddy? Enjoying your gifts?

Chad got some presents too, even though he just joined our room this month.

More for Stephanie? Sure!

One of Timothy's presents was this hand crocheted blanket. He didn't want to let it go, and snuggled up, nuzzling his face into the soft material.

Rina's new ladybug outfit is her new favorite piece of clothing! It's her nanny's favorite outfit, at least, and she's been wearing it nearly every day since receiving it. 

Emerson got this handsome red sweater, and we couldn't believe how grown up he looked! It looks like he can't either...

There are many more pictures of the children opening up their gifts in our facebook photo album. Go HERE to view them.

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