Sunday, November 23, 2014

NDNorth: Stephanie

Meet Stephanie! Stephanie is a beautiful young lady with a smile that will make you giggle. She's full of such contagious joy that just spills out whenever someone interacts with her. 

Stephanie's orphanage estimates that she is about seven years old. She has a neurological disorder that makes her muscles very tight and she is currently unable to walk. She does not speak, but can make sounds and always manages to get her point across. 

For instance, the picture below. She's telling us that she's very, very happy that Wendy is about to let her play with the baby doll. Stephanie loves baby dolls.

Her sense of humor is hilarious - she loves slap-stick, no kidding! But she also has a caring soul and can cradle the baby doll gently and knows that it needs love and attention. 

Oh? Are you pointing to the baby's mouth, Stephanie? Is it hungry?

Aha, it is! Here, use this toy to feed the little one. Is it saying, "aaaah!"?

Watch the video below - it's sweet and funny. Stephanie is busy feeding the baby doll an orange toy, and then starts to pretend to feed the toy to herself. Wendy (who is shooting the video) teases her about it and Stephanie laughs. Near the end of the video Wendy asks Stephanie if her doll would like another kind of "food" and offers her a block. Stephanie works really hard and successfully releases the toy that she is holding and grips onto the new one. Yay, Stephanie! And the baby doll love the new "food."

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