Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Lydia

Today is Lydia's 3rd birthday!  Which sounds like a good excuse to take at look at some old pictures and see how much she has changed.

This is one of the first pictures that we have from when Lydia arrived back in December 2011, aged just over one month old.

What a teeny-tiny treasure she was!

She was also very sick.  In fact, the story of Lydia's survival is truly amazing.  We found out afterwards that 'for Lydia to survive 5 months with the kind of damage she had in her intestine is medically impossible'!  As I said, it's an amazing story and you should read it.

Here is our beautiful miracle on her 1st birthday...

...and her 2nd birthday.

And here is a recent picture of our lovely Lydia.

So, join us in wishing our special miracle a very happy 3rd birthday and celebrating another wonderful transformation!

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