Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Pearl

It seems hard to believe that it was less than a year ago since Pearl arrived at New Day Foster Home, looking so sad and wary.

She was 18 months old then, and understandably suspicious of so many new faces.  Her local orphanage was all that she had known since she was two weeks old, and her world had turned upside down.

Just two months later Pearl moved again, this time just a short distance to her new foster family home.  Children do best in families, and we knew that this would be the perfect place for Pearl to receive the love that she needed.

What a difference!  Winter ended and Summer came, and Pearl was happy.

What a beautiful difference that love makes...

Pearl came to New Day so that she could get much-needed therapy to address the weakness in her right hand.  She comes to have Occupational Therapy regularly, and especially enjoys sharing therapy sessions with her foster-brother Oliver.

What a change we've seen in Pearl, from a serious little toddler into a joyful girl, full of life.

In July Pearl celebrated her second birthday...

This meant that she was old enough to start coming to New Day for preschool every afternoon.  What a precious addition to our classroom!

We recently found out that Pearl has been matched with a family, so now we can look forward to the best transformation of all; from an orphan to a daughter.

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