Thursday, October 16, 2014

NDSouth: Keeping Up with Lulu

Though it has only been a couple of months since Lulu first arrived at New Day South, it has been during those months that we've truly gotten to see a sparkling little personality emerge. When Lulu first arrived here, she was rather quiet and reserved; mostly preferring to keep to herself.

As the days began to pass us by, hints of her sillier side started to appear...

...and as the weeks went by, those occasional appearances became more and more frequent.

It wasn't long at all before we found Lulu's shining personality to be completely contagious.

From her wholehearted laughter to her darling dimples, it really doesn't take much more than that for those around Lulu to be completely smitten with her.

She's a joy to have in preschool, and watching her learn the motions during song time has been especially fun. She might not know the words, but that doesn't keep Lulu from trying to belt out a tune anyway!

In recent weeks she's only become more and more mischievous. It isn't uncommon for her to slip away from her nanny's grasp before flashing a grin and cackling with laughter.

She loves to color and sing and be held close. All of which are things that we are more than happy to provide plenty of.

Yes, Lulu is settling right in, and we absolutely love what love is doing in her life.

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