Saturday, October 4, 2014

NDSouth: Driving in the Rain

As the weather begins to cool down here, the children get to spend more and more time outside, and one of the things they really enjoy getting to do is taking the riding toys out for a spin. During more than one afternoon throughout the week, you'll hear them excitedly exclaiming that they're ready to go drive the cars.

Yet as we headed out one afternoon last week, we quickly ran into a problem. What was the problem, you ask? Well, it started to rain! But have no fear because we already had a plan in place.

We would take our driving inside!

That said, Chris wasn't completely sure about this driving inside business. Aren't cars supposed to be driven outside, after all?

Yet Ada was quick to show him that they could be ridden inside too, and be a lot of fun at that!

While we're not sure that Ada ever completely convinced Chris, Amy and Hayden were driving away on theirs...

...perfectly content to alter their afternoon driving plans.

Lulu, however, was intrigued by what was going on with Chris and Ada. She watched Ada pull him round and round the room before deciding that she wanted to give it a try for herself.

Of course, after one loop around the room, Lulu decided that maybe the pulling was best left to Ada. She had some driving of her own to do, after all.

All in all, we found that driving the cars can be a lot of fun...come rain or shine!

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