Friday, October 3, 2014

Holding Robert

Cora Jo LOVES to cuddle babies. Anytime she is out in the backyard at the same time as the tiny ones from the upstairs baby room, she will seize the opportunity to love-on our little cuties. We have a LOT of adorable pictures of her holding Iris, Charlotte and the others.

Cora Jo doesn't just love the 'baby babies' though, and shows amazing sisterly affection to any child that seems to need it.

Robert is pretty heavy, and Cora Jo found the perfect way to hold him.

She decided that what he needed was some kisses...

...but Robert wasn't so sure about that.

Robert really liked the attention and affection though.  Don't they both look peaceful?

Zooming out, you can see that one of our NDN trainee nannies was right there supervising the whole time.  Judah was watching too, maybe he's learning about how to be an awesome big sibling from Cora Jo's beautiful example.

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