Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NDNorth: Timothy's Good News!

We have some news that is both incredibly exciting and surprising to us.  

Just a month ago, Timothy’s oxygen saturation and pulse readings were as bad as they ever had been, his energy was low and the indications were that his heart defect was more likely getting worse than better.  So, we sent him to Beijing for pre-op testing and surgery. 

Last week Timothy went to the top cardiology hospital in Beijing for testing. We hoped that they would schedule his surgery soon.

After some testing, the cardiologists presented us with his report: the hole in Timothy's heart was closed up - healed! Just a month ago Timothy seemed to be deteriorating, and now to find now that the heart defect is not only better, but completely gone, is amazing.  At our Beijing facility, the staff are remarking about how strong and bright he is looking.

blowing kisses?
We are so excited for him. Providing children with surgeries is one of the things that New Day specializes in... it's part of our mission. But open-heart surgery is no small thing... it's a lot for a little one to go through. We are overjoyed that Timothy will not have to have surgery, that he is suddenly healthy, growing, and strong. We are incredibly thankful to our nannies who have worked hard to help Timothy grow strong and healthy - it is in large part due to their tender care that he is alive today.

In case you're wondering how Timothy feels about the news, we asked tickled him and this is what he said...

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