Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Amazing Staff: Farewell Nanny Fay

Fay has worked here at New Day Foster Home since 2001.  She may not look like she is retirement age, but she is, and the time has come for her to retire from her work as a nanny. We held a special ceremony in the playroom to honor her and say farewell.

It was a special opportunity to take a group picture with many of the nannies, therapists and office staff.

Fay has worked so hard, being a mama to almost thirty children during her years as a nanny here.  She still has a big smile on her face.

A lovely line-up of nannies...

...and office staff (clockwise from left - Kevin, Grace, Rob, Tony, Sarah, Karen and Amy).

Karen presents Fay with a picture showing some of the special kids that she has taken care of.

There were hugs, and some speeches...

...more hugs, and some tears...

...many heart-felt words...

...and more hugs.

The depth of emotion displayed was a beautiful testament to the close bond that our staff share. The Foster Home truly is a family, for the staff as well as the children.

Of course, there was cake.  No Foster Home ceremony would be complete without it.

Fay handed her shift-leader responsibilities on to Sally.

So, what will Fay do next?  The answer lies in this picture...

The new nanny on the left is Fay's daughter-in-law.  Fay will take up 'grandma-duties' and take care of her grand-daughter!

We say a warm welcome to Fay's daughter-in-law (who hasn't chosen an English name for herself yet), and a happy retirement to Fay.  We truly do have amazing staff.

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  1. I am sure she will be a great loss to the New Day team and all the children she cared for!