Saturday, August 2, 2014

NDSouth: What a Story

On June 10th, Noelle was admitted into the hospital in preparation for surgery. This would be Noelle's second heart surgery, her first one took place in December 2013. We knew the risk, but we also knew that Noelle desperately needed this surgery. 

Two weeks later, in the morning of June 24th, Noelle went into surgery. We waited and waited and five long hours later, we received word that she was out of surgery. Her oxygen levels were a little lower than the doctors would have liked, but they were hopeful. The next few days would be critical as she was more prone to infection and complications.

Our medical staff were on their way home from the hospital, when they got the call. Noelle's oxygen had dropped drastically and they were rushing her back into surgery. They were honest and said that there was a very real possibility that Noelle would not make it. She was in a fight for her life. 

By the time our staff arrived back at the hospital in Guangzhou, Noelle was already back in surgery. Hope was slim but we have been reminded time and time again, how hope is never fully lost. We kept hoping and anticipating that Noelle would come through although we were fearful. 

After a second five hour surgery, Noelle was out of surgery and quickly rushed to ICU. Once again, we knew the next few days were critical and we kept hoping that Noelle would survive the night. 

The next few days, Noelle stabilized and her oxygen levels rose. And then on June 27th, we received news that absolutely blew us away. Noelle was not only doing well but she was already being released from ICU and moving to the regular ward. After fighting for her life just three days earlier, she was already out of ICU!

On July 9th, our sweet, miracle girl, Noelle, was released from the hospital. We could not have written her story even if we had tried. She is a miracle and we are so thankful to have her home where she is held, loved, and maybe even a little bit spoiled. After all, she deserves it after what she's been through. 

We rejoice over little Noelle's life. We know that her incredible story is just beginning and we can't wait to see how the rest of her story is written. 


  1. I'm praising God for the miracle he did in this beautiful girl's life!

  2. She's a fighter! So thankful for God's work in her life and praying for what's ahead for sweet Noelle!