Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy and Home

Since 2002 New Day has celebrated the adoption of 256 children.


That's a lot. (You can see pictures of all of our "graduates" here)

Many of you giggled along with our kids when we posted this "Happy at New Day" video. It was fun getting clips of the children in our care bubbling with joy. There's something special about seeing children who have overcome many challenges smiling and dancing. There's something absolutely miraculous about it, actually! It was a fun video to put together, and even more fun to watch... but we had an idea. What if we could put together a "Happy" video of some of New Day's graduates? 

A few e-mails went out and in no time (ok, it actually took a few weeks - adoptive parents are busy!), we had a collection of clips and pictures to sort through. We didn't get clips from every single one of the 256 children who have been adopted, but we do have over thirty.

...over thirty "happy" videos of children who once were orphans living at New Day, but who are now HOME.




  1. I haven't smiled that wide in a while - my cheeks hurt! Thank you New Day and awesome families for sharing your HAPPY with us! This did my heart good.