Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Violet's New Friend

Learning to talk is something that takes some children longer than others.  We are blessed to have a wonderful Speech Therapist, Lillian, who is able to give our children some extra help with their speech development if they seem to need it.

Violet recently turned two, has started coming to Preschool, and has also begun Speech Therapy sessions with Lillian.  Looks like Lillian is pretty fond of Violet already...

They've been making good use of a mirror in their therapy sessions.

What do you see, Violet?

Looks like they might be practicing the word 'nose' ('bizi' in Chinese)...

Good work so far, Violet and Lillian.  We wish you many fun and productive therapy sessions. We look forward to hearing to hearing all that Violet is going to say!

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