Monday, June 9, 2014

When Noah Met 'Tom's Mama'

Do you remember When Noah Met Santa?  We had another special visitor, and once again Noah struck up a special friendship...

For our Children's Day / Thank You Kimberly-Clark celebrations, a pony from a local farm came along to give rides to the children.  This beautiful dog belonged to the man from the farm, and was a big hit with the children.  Noah especially.

Noah was so affectionate and gentle with his new friend.

Cora Jo was another big fan of this sweet dog.  She and Noah even gave kisses...

So what did Tom, our trusty back-yard canine friend, think of the visitor?  He really didn't mind at all.  In fact he seemed pretty happy to have another dog to play with.

Noah decided that his new friend was, in fact, Tom's mother.  Never mind that the farm dog was actually male, it was a very cute idea from a very sweet boy.

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  1. The dogs must be so good for the children.