Friday, December 20, 2013

When Noah met Santa

Some of the kids were just a little scared when Santa came into the room.  A big white beard and a crazy red suit probably does seem kind of intimidating when you aren't used to it.

Not Noah though, Noah loved Santa.

They hit it off straight away, and a new friendship was formed.

They had quite the conversation.  Noah was pointing to different things and naming them, in Chinese.  "Beard", "glasses", "coat".  He really approved of the whole outfit.

The best part though, was when Noah started inspecting how many layers of warmth Santa was wearing.  He was especially concerned that Santa's socks weren't thick enough.  That does seem a pretty valid concern, given the North Pole and the long Christmas Eve journey.  

What a thoughtful boy Noah is, and let's hope Santa takes his advice about the socks.

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