Friday, June 13, 2014

A Very Bouncy Performance

Last Thursday was a pretty big day here at New Day Foster Home.  We held a special donation ceremony, which was also the celebration of a new partnership that will promote the cause of orphans.  Pretty exciting stuff.

There were speeches, and the handover of a giant check...and some special performances...

The older kids came onstage beautifully dressed, and performed the motions to a couple of songs.

They did such a good job.  Then they got up to dance, and things got really lively...

Zoe was jumping.

Camilla was jumping - so high!

Cora Jo was jumping too.

Can you guess which dance they are performing?

Our Summer Staff team of volunteers (plus you can spot Kevin in there somewhere) performed a traditional Irish dance, and it was also pretty lively.

We're pretty sure it's the kids that you want to see a video of though, right?  Enjoy!

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  1. oh, my goodness!!! what precious ones! i love their dancing! thanks for sharing - & reason to celebrate, indeed!