Thursday, June 12, 2014

NDSouth: New Students

Our kids love preschool. It is a very special day when a child is old enough to join our preschool class which meets each morning, five days a week. Normally we wait until a child turns two years old to have them join, but since we have had several adoptions recently and our class size was down to only three children, we decided it was time for Sally and Sadie to join. 

Needless to say, they are loving it! These two have been coming for music time for the last few months, but they are thrilled that they are now attending the full class time.

They are still having a little trouble sitting still for very long, but given their age, they are doing fantastic!

Although Sadie's facial expression doesn't give it away, she is loving school.

Sally, tell us how you really feel about school!

Sally, what a goofy face!

You have such a beautiful smile, sweet girl.

Since our class consists of mainly very young children, we are focusing on learning our ABC's, counting to ten, shapes, colors, animals, music, and working on English.

We know how beneficial it is for our children to be hearing English on a daily basis and how it helps them when they transition to their forever families.

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