Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Therapy Tuesday: Water, Shaving Foam and Rice = Messy Therapy!

Recently in OT Austyn has been using his hands more by doing some sensory activities. He is quite sensitive to different textures and the feel of things, and so to help with this he's been given opportunities to experience new textures. We hope that over time he will develop further through play and become less sensitive to the feel of things.

We started with a bowl of water, which he LOVED! By the end of the 30 minute therapy session both Austyn and Sharon were totally soaked, and the floor had had a good clean too! He loved to splash in the water, and then to rub it on his face, in his mouth and flick it across the room!

Next came shaving foam. Austyn was less keen about this- perhaps it's smell, feel or the mess, or maybe just something very new and unknown. With help from Sharon, he rubbed it across the mirror and got pretty messy too!

The third sensory activity we've tried with Austyn has been dry rice- this is in plentiful supply in China! Once again, this was a huge hit with him- he giggled and roared with laughter at the rice and played with it for the full therapy session. He managed to pour most of the box's content's onto the floor, and then lay and rolled on the floor spreading the rice far and wide!

Its really incredible to see the change in Austyn- the fact that he will now play with toys and objects, the laughter and smiles that are so frequently on his face now, the strength he's developing and personality that is emerging. I'm always excited to try new things with him and watch him learn to play - keep it up, Austyn!

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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