Monday, May 5, 2014

All About Robert

Elizabeth, a recent volunteer, has written a guest post all about Robert.

Robert loves to look up, arch his back, and scoot off his blanket quickly.  He has also begun to roll quickly and clap enthusiastically.

His two favorite things are to be held facing forward and being walked around the playroom, having objects named for him, and to lay under hanging toys reaching out for them.

Due to some allergies, he has not been able to go outside much in this spring season, but he certainly enjoys getting lots of one-on-one time with his nanny in the playroom!

After being held and walked for over an hour straight last week, he burst into tears when he was put down.  Thankfully, the hanging toys soothed and amused him quickly. 

Although his head is heavy to support, his interest in his surroundings and his contentment in his nanny and others’ arms makes it so much more than worth it. 

This post was written by Elizabeth

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  1. Looking forward to meeting my name same!