Friday, May 9, 2014

Strawberry Faces

The annual strawberry-picking expedition is one of the sweetest traditions in the New Day calendar. Literally, the sweetest.  The berries at our local fruit farm are mouth-wateringly flavorful and delicious, especially when they are freshly picked.  We're so happy to introduce the children to the delights of picking (and eating) berries...

Lucy is a big strawberry fan; one in each hand, and a lovely sticky face.

For some of the little ones, like Nelson, it was their first taste of strawberries.  Yum!

Asher is quite the strawberry-connoisseur.  He ate A LOT.

Maddox was amazed by the deliciousness of the fruit...

...and discovered that the most efficient method was to eat them directly from the plant!

Camilla thought that this was a good idea too.  Fruit doesn't get much fresher than this.

This was our new arrival Enya's first New Day field trip, and she had a pretty great time.  At first she could not believe that she was really allowed (encouraged even) to eat the strawberries, but at the urging of her helper she took a bite...and went on to eat a whole lot more.

It seems like a beautiful illustration of New Day's mission, watching her taste goodness and experience new joys.  Sweetness instead of sadness.  Enya, we're so glad that you're here... 

You can see more strawberry-picking pictures in our scrapbook, and we even have a video of Lucy enjoying the strawberries.

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