Saturday, May 10, 2014

NDSouth: What Love Can Do

Many of you fell in love when Kate came to New Day South just over two years ago. She was sick, weak, and recently abandoned. Her physical heart needed healing but so did her emotional heart. A newborn baby was supposed to be in the arms of her mother being cooed over and loved upon. And yet, Kate was in our arms. We loved her unconditionally but our hearts were also breaking for her birth mother who we don't know. The birth mother, who gave up her wants and desires and chose to give up her baby girl so that she would have a chance at life. That she would have hope. 

As the days and months went by, Kate learned how to be loved and to love in return. As she received her much needed surgeries, we saw her sweet personality come out more and more.

One thing we know here at New Day is that hope is never lost. This little girl's life and story radiated hope. Each precious life is a miracle and her life was no exception.

That sweet, precious baby has now turned into a rambunctious and joy filled two year old. We would not have it any other way. In a short time, sweet Kate will be leaving us to join her forever family.

We are going to miss her smile and contagious laughter around here but we couldn't be happier for her and her new family. Watching Kate grow and thrive has been a joy and a blessing to us. Her life shows what love can do. How a story that began to heartbreaking can turn into something beautiful.

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