Thursday, May 22, 2014

NDSouth: Ready for Summer

We had a recent group of volunteers visit and they brought us all kinds of fun gifts, including some stylish sunglasses! In preschool the other day, we decided to try them out. We are ready for summer here at New Day South!

Amy was a little confused which way you wore them. That works, Amy, even if they are upside down!

Ada was also going for the "upside-down look."

Or that works as well.

Hayden loves his new shades. Especially the blue pair.

Sally, you are like a little ray of sunshine!

Sadie has a question....

"Is this how they go?" - Sadie

You kids are too cute... sunglasses or not. 

We have had lots and lots of rain down here at New Day South. Our shades are ready to be used and we are more than ready for the sun to shine!

Summer, we are ready for you!

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