Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NDNorth: Training in Beijing

Our nannies just started work on Monday! But before we tell you about their first day, let's rewind two weeks, to their training in Beijing.

New Day's Beijing staff was so accommodating to spend extra time with our staff to make sure that they knew all that they needed to know, and had a foundation of quality care that they would take back with them up here. Each nanny was paired with a NDFH nanny, each in different rooms (CCU, Babies, Toddlers). 

We know that they learned a lot, not only about safe ways to feed and provide for daily needs, but also about how to meet a child's emotional needs, love them, and surround them with an environment where they feel safe. 

The first week was mostly filled with observation and inspiration. The nannies kept busy learning about schedules and methods, and we're sure that they were encouraged with the good that they can do in their new roles. 

The second week was full of more instructional time. There was medical training, therapy, sign language, development and more. All that they learned will be continued to be reinforced by our New Day North staff as they settle into caring for the NDN kiddos. 

Thank you so much for following along and joining us on this journey. We're starting small, but we know that big things are going to happen in the lives of the little ones, and that's what's important!

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