Saturday, May 24, 2014

NDSouth: Baby Sweetness

2014 has been an exciting year at New Day South so far with the arrival of little babies. Our baby apartment has changed a lot in the last few months and our little one ones are adjusting well to their new home. We love seeing the transformation that takes place with love and good care in the lives of these sweet children. Babies change so quickly and we thought you might want a glimpse at our little ones!

Grady and Anna are enjoying some time on the floor to wiggle and kick their legs. They are active little ones! 

Anna really loves her thumb, can you tell?

What a big yawn, Grady!

Do you remember how tiny and weak little Grady was back in January when he first arrived at New Day South? He is doing so well!

Grady loves his big sister, Anna. Anna isn't quite so sure about her doting little brother though.

Chloe has been with us for almost two months. After spending several weeks in the hospital, we are all glad to have her home and able to shower her with love and snuggles. She is changing daily right before our eyes. Chloe isn't sleeping quite as much during the day and is becoming much more active and alert.

She is wondering what all this picture taking is about! It's okay, you will get used to it in time, baby girl.

Then there is sweet Thad, who continues to be in the hospital. We can't wait for the day when he will be released and can come home to us. 

Who knows how much these babies will change in the next few months. They grow up way too fast!

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