Monday, May 26, 2014

A Letter to Ari

Sweet Ari, you've been in our care for more than four months now, but most of us have had so little chance to get to know you.  When you arrived back in January, your head was very enlarged, and you were so uncomfortable, so we wanted to get you into hospital for surgery as soon as we could.  Thankfully you only had to wait about two weeks, and the surgery went well.  We were happy to have you back, and were disappointed when you got an infection and had to go back to hospital.  Another hospital stay, for a month this time.  Home again, and then another infection this month and back to hospital...It's not been much fun has it, little guy?

So, Ari, get well and come home again.  Little body, fight that infection and recover.  We want to have you here, so that we can get to know your precious little personality.  We want to hold you and sing to you. We want to throw a birthday party for you when you turn one in July.

We're so glad that you've had your nannies with you in hospital.  They love you so much, and we're happy that we get to hear about you from them.  Apparently, you like listening to music and smiling.  You'll fit right in around here!  We heard that you sometimes babble and can say "mama", and that you eat and sleep well.

One of your nannies told us about what you got up to in hospital...

"In the hospital, everyone liked him. Some of the ladies there came to see him every day. When he would see someone come to played with him, he always offered them a sweet smile. When Ari saw other people eat meals, he would also open his mouth and want to eat. Once I put the apple on his lips, and he bit down hard. But I took away the apple because I was afraid it would choke him. When I took it away he cried aloud. All the people around laughed because our little Ari has grown up already, he also want to eat like big child."

Good job, Ari.  We promise that you can charm the ladies and eat lots of apples once you get home.

We do hope to see you soon,

With lots of love from all of us here at New Day Foster Home

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