Thursday, April 3, 2014

NDSouth: Hope Shines Through

On February 5th, four day old, Chloe, was left to be found. It was probably her parents only choice. She was left with the hope that someone would find her. Someone who could help and give her the medical care she so desperately needed. 

Chloe was brought to the local orphanage where she lived for then next seven weeks of her life. Her orphanage staff knew that she needed more medical care than they were able to provide for her and so they asked New Day South for help.

Chloe arrived at New Day South on March 31st. She is a beautiful baby girl with bright eyes. When we look into her eyes, we see hope. We know that there is always hope and we are hanging onto that promise for this little one.

Hours after Chloe arrived in our care, she was brought to the hospital where she was immediately admitted for monitoring. Chloe is tiny but she is a fighter.

We are so glad that Chloe is here in our care and know that love will make a difference in her life. We cannot wait to watch that difference and her story unfold.

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