Monday, March 17, 2014

Two By Two

The season is turning here in Qingyundian.  Winter is over, there are buds on the trees and we're seeing more of the sun.  It's a busy time too, in the last two weeks we've said two goodbyes and welcomed two new arrivals.

Let's start with the goodbyes.

Wendy was here at New Day for more than two years, arriving only a few months after being abandoned on her fourth birthday.  She was malnourished and brokenhearted in both senses of the word.  Over the years we've seen her recover from heart surgery, grow stronger, and learn to trust and to smile.  You can read her amazing story here.

Goodbyes aren't easy, and Wendy will be missed - by her foster family, especially her little foster brother Seth, and by all the staff and volunteers here that have had the privilege of knowing her.  We are overjoyed though, that she now has a family of her very own, and know that she will blossom even more with their loving care.

Rachel came to New Day when she was only 8 months old and we've watched her grow into a happy, extroverted toddler.  We'll miss her smile, but now she has a family that will treasure her forever and we are so happy for her.

So, now the arrivals...

Jack is seven months old.  He arrived here just over a week ago and shortly afterwards went into hospital to have his first GI surgery.  The surgery was complicated, but Jack is stable and we are so looking forward to having him back here at New Day soon so that we can start to get to know him.  It seems that everyone who sees him falls in love with him!  Looking at these photos, taken during the couple of days he was here before he went into hospital, it's easy to see why.

Nora is almost four months old and she needs heart surgery.  She is a little sweetie and will be much loved here.  We are so glad to be family for her, to hold her and care for her until she too has a family of her own.

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