Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shiny New Therapy Equipment

We were so blessed recently to have a donation of therapy equipment from the Little Flower Project, Germany. Whenever new equipment arrives we love to give the kids a chance to try it out- it gives us a chance to see who it will benefit most and check it all works ok.

Talley loves to check out any new things about the place, and so she didn't hold back on looking at all the new equipment. Sitting on the balance board is rather fun she thinks, but quite hard work on the tummy muscles- it should help you walk though Talley!

Next to find the new equipment was Hudson and Lydia, who both come for therapy at the same time. Hudson is doing so well in preschool and he always chatters away throughout therapy sessions! He enjoyed trying one of the new puzzles, it made a good way to cool down after all the effort he'd been putting into the other activities.

After all that effort, Lydia thought that it was about time for a little snack. She set about preparing some fruit and vegetables for us all to enjoy using the new food sets (great for Lilian to use in speech therapy too!).

After hearing about all the fun Esther and Austyn thought they'd better try out some of the new kit too. The new pink scooter was rather a challenge (someone made the handlebars a little too high for her, and this leg co-ordination thing is quite hard work), but she found that the ride on scooter was just perfect for whizzing about the room on! 

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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  1. When I see how far Lydia has come since this time last year I am moved to tears. Therapy (and a little love and attention) is amazing!