Monday, March 10, 2014

Albert's Adventure

Hey there, how are you?  My name's Albert, pleased to meet you.

I'm one year old, and they say I'm really sick, but that doesn't stop me wanting to explore the world outside this room they call the Critical Care Unit.  I've recently started to figure out this crawling thing, and there's no stopping me now...

When I see that door open, I'm off!  I met a determined young gentleman called Austyn, he's new to crawling as well.

Then a strange and beautiful creature came by.  Her name is Lydia, she was on her way back from her therapy session and I was very glad to meet her.

We hung out for a little while.  She had some pretty interesting things to say.  I don't get to meet too many young ladies in the CCU, so it was quite a treat.

I think she liked me too, I'm not sure... what do you think?

Anyway, thanks for listening to my little adventure.  I hope to get big and strong and have many more adventures some day.  You can read about me and maybe help me along my way a little?

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