Thursday, March 13, 2014

NDSouth: What a Difference

Hayden has been at New Day South just over a year, arriving in January 2013. He was abandoned when he was about a year and a half of age and was brought to the local orphanage where he lived for the next 10 months before joining the New Day South family. We don't know much about Hayden's first few years of life. We don't know the circumstances behind him being left or the care he received. All we know is that when Hayden arrived at New Day South, he was in need of a lot of love. 

Last January, Hayden was scared, shy, and would often cry. He wasn't talking and didn't know how to express his feelings and needs. The staff and volunteers at New Day South have showered him with love and affection these last thirteen months and we have seen such a difference in this little boy.

Hayden has made huge strides and recently started attending preschool. He still is not communicating with words other than a few and so we have begun to incorporate basic sign language into our classroom. Not only does Hayden love it, but the other children do as well!

It is hard to believe that it was just a little over a year that Hayden came to us. He is no longer a sad and shy little boy, but one who has a contagious smile, infectious giggle, and willing hug. We know that there are big plans in store for this little boy and we can't wait to see watch as it unfold.

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