Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Goofy Birthday for Robert

Robert has only been at New Day for a few months, and he's already had his neurological surgery which was a success! Robert is a silly little boy who can almost roll over onto his belly, loves to wiggle and dance, and makes the most hilarious faces. For example, let me tell you about his birthday party. 

Robert turned one on March 3rd, but we didn't celebrate the March Birthday Party until the 25th. Robert's moment of glory was in the morning, and he got to blow out his candles, try some cake and even received a birthday card from the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing who regularly sponsor our birthday parties. 

Robert thought that the card looked interesting at first...

But it must have been something someone said, and suddenly Robert looked a little bit wary of the piece of cardstock. It won't bite, sweet boy!

We tried to get him to smile for the camera while wearing his birthday crown, but this is the only look he would give us. What would you say... is he making a "If you even think of taking my picture right now I'm gonna...."  face?

But the really funny faces didn't come until it was time to cut the cake. Robert's nanny gave him a little intro on what was about to happen so that he wouldn't freak out when he had to blow out the candle. 

One of the sponsors who brought the cake also bent over to wish him a happy birthday. Robert just stared, who are you?

Finally it was time to sing! Robert was willing to clap... 

But he was all shock and awe when his nanny put a knife into his hands, of all things...

His shock turned to disbelief as he actually got to use the knife and cut the cake. Imagine that!

The real horror of the ordeal was when the knife went past his head... not close enough to be reachable, but way too close for his comfort. 

Who knew that ones first birthday could be so scary?

At least the cake was good.

Happy Birthday, Robert!

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