Saturday, February 22, 2014

NDSouth: Brotherly Love

Our kids really love each other and become just like brothers and sisters in the foster home. They love each other and then fight at times. Most of the time, the fighting breaks out over toys since like all children, they are learning to share. 

Matthew and Chris get along well for the most part but they do occasionally have their moments, like the other day.

"Matthew took my toy again..." - Chris

Matthew seems pretty proud of his accomplishment, doesn't he?

"Matthew, it's not nice to take toys, you need to share with Chris."

"Aww, do I have too?" - Matthew

See? It's not so bad!

"You are right, it's not so bad. It can even be fun!" - Matthew

Good job, boys! We are so proud of you and that you are learning to share with your foster brothers and sisters.

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