Sunday, February 23, 2014

NDNorth: Assessment Box Fun

A fellowship in the US put together the materials for two big assessment boxes for us to use when assessing the children in the orphanages that we work with.

It's been a hit! The little ones love looking at and pulling out the new toys from the bins, and because they're all age appropriate, the toys are fun to play with too!

While the items inside the box would seem to be the most interesting, Lele prefers to play with the box itself. 

Is climbing a developmental milestone? If it is, Lele's mastered this one!

Lele showed no fear and valiantly hoisted his stocky body up onto the box, and then stuck his head off the other end, kicking his little legs and having such a pleasant time. 

When we first started working with this particular orphanage, there were no toys. At all. Now, a little playroom has been set up for the babies full of rattles and blocks and balls and push-toys and rockers. The babies are still getting the hang of playing, but they're definitely making progress and it's exciting to see!

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