Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Involved: A Lemonade Stand!

We are so impressed, amazed and humbled by the support from all of you. Without you - each and every donor, sponsor, blog reader - our work would not be possible nor would it be effective. Today we're highlighting a young lady who felt burdened for the little ones at NDFH and decided to do something about it. Here's what her mom wrote...


I hope this story will encourage you, as it has encouraged me.  I left my house yesterday morning with my daughter sad, because she wanted our family to adopt a child in your foster care. 

I told my daughter that God surely has a home for this little girl, and in the mean time, we can be thankful that she is in a good foster home, with people that love her, and care for her.  While I was away, she decided to have a lemonade stand to raise money for this little girl, but a check on the internet showed she was already fully sponsored.  She saw another girl that she remember from a facebook post and chose her instead.  My daughter made a poster, lemonade, and gathered her friends to work the stand.  

She called me at 1 o’clock to share all this information with me, and to tell me that she raised $105!  Her sweet spirit, and caring heart encourages me. We pray for Sally, and all of the children at New Day, that God will continue to heal them, and they will find the love of their forever family.

Whitney - thank you! You are making a huge difference, not just by raising money, but by helping other people (your neighbors, friends...) learn about how they can make a difference. As we say here in China, "Jia you!"

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