Friday, February 21, 2014

Can You Dance the Fan Dance?

Well, can you? Some of our children learned the moves last week during the Lantern Festival, officially the last day of Chinese New Year and a day full of fun, food, fireworks and parades!

We took the holiday into our own hands this year. First, the preschool class got a hands on lesson on the Fan Dance. Want to learn?

That wasn't the end of our celebration... no, not a bit. We took the parade outside and Lucy was a star.

The parade stretched all the way around the complex, to the back yard and around and around the playground. The preschool kids followed with Gloria, practicing the steps that they had learned earlier.

Zoe was the life of the parade!

You can't have a parade without music. The traditional accompaniment to the fan dance is cymbals and drum. Joel tried his hands at the cymbal crashing.

Melinda and Asher went to town on the drum.

Noah likes big noises a lot, so the drum was a hit for him too. Banging is better than waving a fan any day.

...although Melinda might beg to differ. She thought that fan waving was pretty exciting.

Here's a clip of when the parade began in the front of our complex...

...and here it is in the backyard!

Happy Spring Festival! Check out even more pictures on facebook and our website!

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