Thursday, February 20, 2014

NDSouth: Selah and Her Baby Doll

Soon after Selah arrived, she latched onto this baby doll pretty quickly and has not let it out of her sight since.

She is a good little mama to this little one. We aren't sure where she learned it, whether it was from her previous orphanage or watching the nannies care for the babies here.

 Selah knows just what to do though. She is also a mama who can multitask!

She is so gentle with her baby.

And tells her all the time how much she is loved and cherished.

Just like you, sweet Selah! When it is time to feed her baby, she will sit right down, arrange her baby just right and feed her.

We were able to catch her feeding her baby on video and thought you would enjoy seeing it. Isn't she the most precious thing? Yeah, we think so too.


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  1. Well just melt my heart! I'm so happy to be sponsoring this sweet girl. I pray the funds are quickly raised to help with her heart surgery.