Friday, January 24, 2014

Visiting Tessa Joy

Exciting News! Anna Rose has been matched with a forever family and will be called Tessa Joy! We're excited for our little miracle baby and hope that her family will be able to travel for her soon.


Tessa Joy spends most of her time with her foster family in their apartment just a quick ride (via car, cart, bike...) from the New Day facility. There, she plays and learns and gets cuddled by her foster mama and baba, and affectionately terrorizes their little dog named Zhuangzhuang.

I went to visit Tessa the other day, and she shyly met me at the door.

Tessa Joy's foster mama loves her little one dearly, and, along with us all, thinks that she's positively gorgeous. So, seeing the camera, the foster mama quickly changed Tessa into a bright sweater.

Tessa isn't a big talker yet. Her voice is the loudest when calling for the dog, and otherwise she just says 'Ma' and 'Ba.' But she does have a sweet little personality and enjoys cuddles, puppy dogs and dancing.

Smiles can be hard to get, though...

...but only for someone other than her foster mama or baba! A quick peck on her cheek and a 'Smile, Tessa!' was all it took for Tessa Joy to light up in a bright smile.

After putting on her bright pink sweater, Tessa lost no time in finding her foster baba and beloved puppy. She didn't even wait for her sleeve to be rolled up.

 Ah, there he is! And what's wrong with my pesky sleeve?

Tessa's foster dad was watching some TV, and when Tessa saw that it wasn't her favorite (anything with dance-worthy music) she figured that it was cuddle-with-baba time.

Foster mama and Zhuangzhuang squeezed in for a picture too! Tessa's foster parents are going to treasure this when Tessa joins her forever family.

 After the pictures, Tessa went to the balcony to check on her goldfish.

And then her foster mama changed the channel to cartoons, but no one was singing or dancing so she just watched while waiting for her mama to finish making baozi (steamed buns, one of Tessa's favorite foods!) for lunch.

Thanks for the visit, Tessa Joy! May we come again soon?


  1. OMGOSH. I am so excited for this beautiful funny little girl.This family is so blessed to be this babies forever family.

  2. Oh my god those lucky parents... and my little sweetheart, I wish you all well in your new life... I cry a tear of happiness for you, and a tear of sadness for myself as I never will know how beautiful you will be when you grow up... Thank you for the time I was one of your sponsors, you beautiful little angel...