Thursday, January 23, 2014

NDSouth: Selah

2014 has meant new children at New Day South! We have already had two new children arrive this month and on Tuesday evening, we welcomed our third, Selah. 

Selah is a brave, beautiful little girl with big brown eyes. She had a long day of travel Tuesday from her orphanage and then had to say goodbye to her caretakers. Selah has gone through many changes in the last few days, more changes than any almost 2 year old should ever have to go through. In her eyes, you can see sadness and pain, but we also see hope.

We are excited to see how love will make a difference in the life of this little lady. It will take her time to trust and love, but we know in time she will. We can't wait to see that frown turned into a smile and those eyes filled with joy and love.

Please keep this little one in your thoughts as she adjusts to her new home at New Day South. Welcome Selah, we are so happy you are here!

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  1. Beautiful Selah-your days will brighten,your heart will open,your eyes will fill with light,your soul can heal some of it's are safe and loved. Love on baby girl-you are a warrior!