Thursday, January 9, 2014

NDSouth: First Day

Today was a big day for Charlotte and Leila. They joined our preschool class! The atmosphere of our class has changed drastically in the last month. With three adoptions taking place, our class was down to only one student! It was time to make some changes.

Charlotte has been wanting to come to school for months. She already knows the ABC's from hearing the other children sing it. She knew just what to do in class.

What do you think? Is she happy to be in preschool?

Leila was all smiles most of the morning.

We can't help but look at Leila and see a living, breathing miracle. This little girl probably shouldn't even be alive today and yet she is thriving and now attending school!

Poor Fisher is now surrounded by all these girls. Or should we say lucky Fisher? Hayden will be joining our class next week and then Fisher won't be alone.

Change always takes time to get used too but we know this is a very good change. Welcome to the class, girls!

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