Friday, January 10, 2014

Little Miracles

What a busy few weeks, we've had! Let's see...

Iris had heart surgery December 4th. 
Mason had heart surgery December 12th.
Brendan had his first urological surgery December 18th.
Edward had his NTD surgery (neural tube defect) December 27th.
Nelson had his heart surgery December 27th.
And Maya had her ENT surgery January 7th.


Of course, the little ones couldn't stay at the hospital indefinitely (although some of their stays were excruciatingly long!). The last two weeks have been a flurry of excitement and transition as all of these little ones have been released from the hospital and back home to us! 

Here's little Mason, getting a check-up from our Doctor, Wangyan. He's kicking his feet, ready to grow and get big and strong!

Nelson is home too! He's still a bit weak and needs breathing treatments, but otherwise doing well. The poor little guy was only with us a short time before being admitted for surgery, so he still has to get used to his new home! 

Reese didn't have surgery, but was in the hospital for a few weeks doing testing and treatment for his very, very serious liver problems. He's the newest CCU resident!

Oh, and Edward. He's a charming little thing who has all of the nannies wrapped around his itty bitty fingers. His NTD (neural tube defect) surgery went well and he's growing fast... a little too fast for our liking.

And let's not forget our precious, tiny, miraculous Iris. The first part of her Amazing Story is here (just click the text) and we're in the process of writing an update. 

Iris is extremely malnourished at this point, which is understandable as she's been literally fighting for her life since the day she was born and, until recently, unable to receive nutrition other than through an IV. However, since her return home, only a few days ago we've already seen some improvements and we cannot wait too see how she improves in the coming weeks and months. 

You can see more pictures of our little miracles on Facebook or in our Scrapbook.

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