Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Changes for Talley

Someone's not happy. In fact, someone has decided to throw a little fit. Why? Well, because it's Talley's first day out of CCU (our Critical Care Unit) and in the baby room. She's the purple room's newest resident and she's decided that she doesn't like it.

Thankfully, an almost-two year-old has easily-swayed emotions, and a little exploration of her new environment (and all of the new toys!) had Talley right as rain in just a few minutes. 

She tipped her head high, held back the nervous tears and decided to make some new friends.

It wasn't that hard. Back before Talley's liver transplant she and Lena were buddies. They had lots to catch up on.

It didn't take her long to make friends with Nelson. They both have a love for music and bonded quickly over the musical crocodile.

Things may have gotten a bit out of hand when Nelson noticed Talley's pigtails, though. We won't go there...

All in all, Talley's first few days in her new room with her new friends went pretty well. What do you say, Talley?

We'll take that as a, "yes."

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