Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brave Hudson

I think if we asked him, Hudson would probably say that he’d rather not come to therapy please. I don’t blame him really- he comes at the end of the day after pre-school for stretching and strengthening exercises due to problems with his legs. But when you’re two you can’t really understand that this is beneficial or will help you move, it just must seem hard work!

For such a young boy it always strikes me how brave he is- that although he doesn’t really want to be there, he quickly relaxes and tolerates the stretching and discomfort. Hudson’s loves his foster mum- he will ask repeatedly during therapy sessions if his mum is here yet- 30 minutes must seem such a long time for such a little boy. We always reassure him that she WILL come soon to collect him, and he trusts us with the trust that all young children have, and continues with the activities he is doing.

In the therapy room is a rocker shaped like an elephant. This is a good fun activity to get him using his trunk and leg muscles; Hudson can now rock his way across the room! Once he’s done and made it back to the other-side, he tells the elephant ‘go home’, and pushes him back into his ‘house’. Before he knows it, his foster mum has arrived and they can also ‘go home’ for some dinner.

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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  1. OH!!!! I love Hudson! What a cutie! And what an amazing little boy!