Friday, January 3, 2014

A Busy Little Life

Little Edward is 43 days old today... just six weeks old, and yet his life has been a busy one already.

When little Edward was 12 days old he was abandoned at the gate of his local orphanage. He was found right away and cared for by the orphanage staff for a few days, until being transferred to New Day Foster Home to receive treatment and surgery for his serious neural tube defect.

Edward wasn't at New Day long before he was whisked off to one of the best hospitals in the city to be prepped for surgery. 

During the week and a half that Edward and his nanny waited in the hospital, he grew bigger and stronger... exactly what the doctor had ordered. Tests were done, the doctors examined his case carefully and made the best surgery plan. Finally, he was ready for surgery. 

Friday, December 27th at 1:15pm Edward went into surgery, his nanny accompanying him down the hall. He's such a little guy, you can hardly even make out that there's a baby on the stretcher. 

After surgery, Edward was stable enough to go back to the regular ward and to his nanny. 

She didn't take her eyes off of him as he slowly woke up... Lovingly peering over his bed, Edward's temporary mama cared for him as any mama would do with her little one. Because of little Ed's neural tube defect, his birth-parents couldn't care for him. Hospitals in his birth city must have told them that their son had no hope... and yet they cared for him for 12 days before giving up their hopes for him in favor of his hope for survival.

Tuesday afternoon, December 31st, Edward came home. 

He was pretty worn out with the trip from the hospital back to New Day.

The nannies were all over him as soon as he arrived - they fell head-over-heels in love with Edward in mere seconds! You can just see them arguing over which room he'll stay in, can't you? 

Eventually Edward woke up and got to open some of his Christmas presents. 

Christmas presents will perk any kid up, it seems, even a six-week old baby!

Welcome to your new home, Edward. You are special, loved, wanted and treasured. It's been a busy 43 days so far for you, full of grief and pain, but we're trusting that the next year of your life will be full of wonderful surprises!


  1. All I can say once again is Praise God for His love and healing powers. I'm delighted for little Edward to be with all of you at New Day who will love him unconditionally.

  2. Welcome home sweety
    I will send a card for you. !