Sunday, December 29, 2013

Brendan's Christmas

Brendan's urological surgery was scheduled for December 18th, just two days before our Christmas party! It was one of those surgeries where little boys must be still and calm for over a week, and Brendan is a very active little guy who loves to play. But he survived the ten days in the hospital and when he came home on Friday, he received his reward in full!

There was a pile of presents just waiting for Brendan in the playroom, and he sure did have a great time opening them up and modeling all of his new gear.

Seriously, can you guys stand just how adorable Brendan is? He's really a gentle boy with a kind spirit... but like any nearly-two-year-old boy, he sure can go! 

Merry Christmas, Brendan! We hope that this is the last Christmas that you have to spend without your forever family. 

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