Friday, November 1, 2013

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday!

November 3rd is Orphan Sunday at Churches all over the US. It can be overwhelming to get something going yourself... to plan an event, set up a booth or give a talk. However, if you have a heart to do something this Sunday yet don't know what, we have something basic, easy and effective that you can do.

Enter, 3 at 3 on 3. Invite three friends to meet with you at 3pm Sunday afternoon. This can be for coffee, a chat, a playdate or... whatever you can come up with! The point is to engage with some relationships you already have and to do it with the intention of brainstorming and chatting about Orphans.

If you are inclined, commit with your three friends to pray for one of our children consistently for three months. Chose to sacrifice three pleasures (such as meals out, chocolate at the grocery store, coffee at a cafe) and donate the money saved to New Day's medical fund. Finally, share with others about orphans, and see if you can find three ways to do this (in keeping with our "3" theme). Maybe you could write a blog post? Share something on facebook? Write a letter or make a phone call. Just do something. Because even simple "somethings" add up. 

Want to join in? Comment below if you'd like to join, share this post with your friends if you think that they should too... and most important of all: do it! 

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  1. Yay! Yes! I love this idea - totally going to invite 3 friends for coffee at 3!