Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Our kids have no idea what Halloween is, but that's just fine by us. However, we did take advantage of the day and pulled out the costumes for the kids. Doesn't Talley make the most inquisitive ladybug?

Ella was a happy Minnie Mouse all morning long. 

Albert isn't feeling well, but he agreed to play the part of an old Chinese man for a few minutes. 

In the baby room, Poppy and Adia were the sweetest pair. 

And Mason took our breath away with the most adorable Winnie the Pooh there could ever be! He's sweeter than honey, this boy.

Annabel was a dalmatian. 

Outside, Christopher and Esther played super heroes and saved the world with their cuteness. 

Meilin loved being a cat, and meowed her way around for quite a while. 

Colton and Joel saved the world. Hya!

Happy Halloween! We hope that your kids had just as much fun dressing up as ours did!

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  1. every single little one is so cute!!! What fun pics :) Thanks for the smiles!!