Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Most Important Signs, By Lydia

The foster home is being taken over by sign language! It started with Christopher and Annabel learning a few simple signs upstairs in the CCU, then followed with Lillian (our speech therapist) teaching Noah, Melinda and Esther some basics. Next, the "blue room" caught on and Isaac and Christopher's nannies encouraged them to communicate with their hands because their voices were a bit slow to catch on. Now? It's definitely the "in thing" here.

Lydia has learned a few of the most important signs. Not sure what those are? Watch and learn. This video is not only adorable, but educational too!

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  1. Way to go expanding those sentences, New Day :) Love to see Lydia signing and as an SLP I really LOVE to see the modeling of complete sentences! She's going to be talking like a big girl before we know it :)