Monday, November 25, 2013

Rosie's Laugh

Rosie is a very special little girl; the fact she is here today is a miracle. She has many special needs, but she is a joy to be with and spend time with in therapy.

She loves movement- forwards and backwards, round and round, the faster the better! So in therapy we will spend time swinging, moving forwards and backwards and sideways, singing songs in time with the movement. After some time Rosie will often join in with our singing- singing her own songs with a huge grin on her face. Other days she will choose to bounce and move on the therapy ball, squealing as she bounces higher, or spots herself in the mirror on the wall.

Rosie can certainly be the nosiest child that we see for therapy, and staff in the medical office will often pop out to share in her fun and joy.

Rosie responds well to routines, particularly around transitions from one place to the next. Therefore once we’re all tired and have done several different activities we will finish with brushing and joint compressions- this helps to relax her and calm her muscles and brain so that she is ready to return to pre-school. Good work Rosie, ready for more tomorrow?

This post was written by our Occupational Therapist, Jenny

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