Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Benjamin's Memorial Fund: Iris

A tiny, two-month baby girl arrived into our care Friday afternoon. Her name is Iris.

She's a darling little thing with a serious heart condition that needs surgery right away. But right now, Iris is very sick. She's not nearly stable enough for her heart surgery - the past few weeks she has been in the PICU of her local hospital, deteriorating. Her orphanage, when they heard how poorly she was doing, took a risk and asked us if we would help save her life.

Then they bought train tickets and Iris made the long, overnight, trip to Beijing. It's a miracle that she survived. When our staff met Iris and were on their way to the hospital here to admit her, she kept up a conversation with her sweet little voice. She settled comfortably into our arms as we told her that we would do everything that we could to give her a hope and a future.

However, the doctors have told us that Iris' condition is very serious. She needs surgery right away but, while she is stable, she is struggling to breath on her own.

Iris is in PICU right now and her surgery will probably happen this week. It's our Acute Care fund that is making her life-saving care possible. 

This is why we have introduced Benjamin's Memorial Fund - to give children like Iris a chance to survive. No matter what her future is, Iris deserves to be fought for today, to be given every possible chance at life. She is an orphan, but we will fight for her as if she is our daughter. 

Will you join in?

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