Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mama, Look at Me!

When people first meet Esther they are struck with her silent beauty. However, it only takes a few hours of getting to know miss Esther to discover that her personality is about 10x bigger than she is. Esther has spunk, determination, and a hilarious sense of humor. 

She's been learning sign language, which has done wonders for communication. Because of Esther's ENT defects, not only is hearing a challenge, but she struggles to even open her mouth! Sign language is the answer, but have you ever tried to get someone's attention without making a sound? Esther had this problem the other day in preschool.

It was snack time, and Esther had just finished the crackers on her plate. She wanted more, so signed "ready" which is what all of the children do when they'd like another serving. Esther's nanny wasn't looking her way, and so didn't notice her. Esther tried again, this time signing, "More eat." Her nanny was still turned the other way, and Esther began to get a bit frustrated. Finally, catching her nanny's attention, Esther signed, "Look at me!" by pointing her two fingers at her eyes and then at her nanny. 

We laugh every time we hear this story. Esther knows what she wants and now she knows how to get it!

And don't you get a kick out of the way she signs "more"? The official sign for "more" is putting pinched fingers together, but Esther prefers to use her fists, actually making the sign for "shoes." We just figure that she's a true girly girl and wants more shoes. What do you think?

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  1. Oh how I miss this little angel! I really wish her family gave updates. Praying that she is doing well!