Monday, November 11, 2013

Four Years Ago

Four years ago a little girl, nearly eighteen months old and yet only weighing 17lbs, arrived into our care. She was in desperate need of heart surgery, and love.

November 20, 2009, just a few weeks after Meilin had arrived at New Day, she had her heart surgery. It was then that we got to watch this little one unfold and blossom... and we fell head over heels in love!

By February of her first year with us, 2010, Meilin joined a local foster family.

Meilin's foster mama and her older foster sisters positively adored her. In each of Meilin's monthly updates, written by her foster mama, there were stories of how close the family was. Meilin flourished in this care. 

It wasn't too long until Meilin was walking (albeit unsteadily) and talking (we didn't always understand her, but that's okay!) and attending preschool!

She also started speech therapy and made incredible progress. 

She kept on growing, winning hearts with her free and open spirit, and longing for the day when she would have a forever family of her own.

A year or so ago Meilin was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, which helped to explain her friendliness and joy and many of her struggles. We loved Meilin just as she was, and hoped that one day a family would step forward to adopt her - with her joys and struggles included!

Well, four years after Meilin arrived at New Day, the time has come. Meilin left to join her adoptive family today, to become their newest daughter - one overflowing with life and love and friendliness. 

We're going to miss Meilin around here, there's no doubt about that. But we know that the past four years have been totally worth the fact that we miss Meilin today. WE were blessed to get to love her, and her adoptive family is about to get this privilege... forever.

Happy Adoption, Meilin! Your family at New Day loves you and will never forget you. Come back and visit us some day!

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